Saturday, May 3, 2008

Corporate Greed Killed The Saturday Matinee

It used to be when you went into a movie theater before the show, you had half an hour or so to watch the same 12 slides or so run through a carousel style projector. It was usually out of focus and featured archaic trivia about movies from another generation. These days, you are treated to a special "before the show" ... show. This blatant and pathetic advertisement is an attempt to get you to buy a car, watch some really bad television shows, and perhaps go shopping.

But before you know it, the movie has started. Or rather, another parade of previews has begun. It's nice that I paid $19 to watch all of these commercials and to subject my children to R rated movie trailers for R rated films.

Now I can sink back in my seat, and watch Iron Man talk on his LG phone, drive his Mustang, drink a Coke, and make the best use of his Cisco networking equipment and his Apple Macintosh.

I suppose the studios want you to believe that they need to resort to selling all of this advertising space because of all the piracy going around.

I don't buy it.

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