Saturday, October 25, 2008

Corporate Greed is Killing Health Care

Do you ever wonder why health care costs so damned much? It's probably all of those overpaid doctors, right? Do you know who has the best suits and shoes in the house? The pharmaceutical representatives and GE executives. Those nice people that pass through the hospital on Monday morning with printed marketing banter and a box of stale donuts.

Why are we paying out so much for "healthcare IT solutions"? Health care has turned into a cash machine for certain entities who continually sell hospitals trash in a box and string them along looking for pay-up upgrades and enhancements. I'm talk to you Phillips. I'm talking to you GE.

How much should someone pay for a Dell workstation, loaded with Windows 2000 server, running a Java application that was poorly coded by Russians? How can a support team for such an expensive product actually recommend scheduled server reboots to make up for the memory leaks in their applications?

When is someone going to step forward and say "this is all bullshit!". The problem here is greed. In the past when better solutions were developed in the name of "open source", those solutions end up being bought by ... GE and Phillips.

Fuck you GE. I'm not buying your light bulbs. We end up finding fixes to your products for you. All that money we pay in support for your product should come with rebates every time we have to fix something ourselves and then tell you how we did it.

Stop raping hospitals.

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